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We are delighted to announce that we are now reaching 10,000 blind and partially sighted people across the UK with our FREE postal library.

We publish unique Touch to See books with raised pictures accompanied by audio descriptions.

Click here to find out about how we are celebrating this amazing achievement.

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For Adults

Illuminating tactile pictures accompanied by atmospheric audio guides – adults can enjoy a choice including wildlife, famous gardens, architecture, city tours and art books. Great for supporting existing hobbies and interests and inspiring new ones! Find out more »

Sir Derek Jacobi lends his voice to Living Paintings

Derek Jacobi – Who Do You Think You Are?

An un-scripted story with a royal twist, starring a great British actor

For Children

Children will enjoy taking their first steps in the visual world with Spot, before moving on to explore our picture book library which includes The Gruffalo, Charlie and Lola, Thomas the Tank Engine and many more. Teachers and parents will find our fun, educational and leisure books invaluable, with topics ranging from Tutankhamun to World War 2, Space Exploration to British Wildlife. Find out more »

David Melling doodle diary to South Africa

David Melling in South Africa! Summer special – Days 1 & 2

Throughout September we will be sharing the doodle diary that David exclusively kept for us during his recent South Africa Author Tour.

For Teenagers

Young people can independently discover our vibrant, interactive and inspirational guides to fashion, music, film, art and architecture, healthy eating and sports including football and the Olympic Games. These “must-have” guides contain iconic images plus behind the scenes insights and exclusive interviews. Find out more »

Lauren Laverne laughing

Lauren Laverne’s exclusive chat with us

Lauren kindly lent her voice to our Music NOW! tactile and audio book for blind teenagers.

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