Tayen’s Story: “Living Paintings provide a lifeline”
November 5, 2015

Kali Gilbert and her husband Kev have four children, the youngest of which is four year old Tayen, known to everyone as Tots.

Tots began showing symptoms of a problem with her eyesight when she was just 8 months old: after months of sever developmental regression and decline, Tots was diagnosed with a condition called neurofibromatosis, or NF1 when she was nearly two years old. In Tots’ case, the condition had caused tumours all the way down both optics nerves, into the back of her brain.

Within six weeks of the diagnosis, she was completely blind.

For Kali and her family, Living Paintings provided a lifeline at an incredibly difficult point in their lives.

In Kali’s words: “Tayen used to love reading before she lost here sight, and I thought her love of reading had gone. And Living Paintings has given that back to her.”

Now aged four, Tots loves to share a Living Paintings book with her 8 year old brother Lucus, a simple family moment her mum Kali thought had been lost.

Watch Tayen’s story:


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