Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes reads One Year with Kipper February 26, 2013

We are absolutely delighted that Martin Clunes agreed to read the audio for our new tactile book for blind children, One Year with Kipper.

Fashion bible - David Bowie

In Fashion with Living Paintings February 19, 2013

“Fashion – Turn to the left
Fashion – Turn to the right..”

Michael Recycle

Pick of our books for reluctant readers February 12, 2013

Sometimes it’s hard to get boys interested in picking up a book. They would much rather be outside kicking a football about. However it’s a vital part of a child’s education to enjoy and be good at reading.

Julian Fellowes

Our famous volunteers from television, film & radio! February 6, 2013

Following on from last week’s post, here are some more famous personalities who happily found time in their busy schedule to volunteer for Living Paintings!