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Maria from Living Paintings visiting St Peters Walk-in Group

Chocolate and ice cream! September 4, 2015

This week Maria’s travels have taken her to two places. One is the home of Cadbury, the other has the largest ice cream factory in the UK!

Shakespeare The Flower

Shakespeare’s Kings and Heroines August 24, 2015

Discover more about the great bard with this Touch to See Book Club title.

Croydon book club Living Paintings

How fit is your Club? July 28, 2015

We will soon be sending out some questionnaires to find out how everything is going with each Book Club registered with our library

An Owl sat on a log in the woods. Living Paintings

Talking Owls

She described experiencing the feathers and feeling the eyes, learning about their size and the way they move

Mona Lisa tactile image for blind people Living Paintings

Mysterious Women visit Devizes in Wiltshire July 22, 2015

Last week I visited the Devizes’ Touch to See Book Club. I hadn’t visited since its first meeting so, as I was free, I popped in to see how everyone was.