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New science titles for young people! February 10, 2017

A fantastic new range of Touch to See books for young people about all things scientific.

Portrait of William Harvey

Factsheet – William Harvey February 3, 2017

Field of science: Anatomy (body) and physiology

Portrait of Charles Darwin

Factsheet – Charles Darwin

Field of science: Evolution

Portrait of Hippocrates from Linden, Magni Hippocratis, 1665

Factsheet – Hippocrates

Field of science: Medicine

Portrait of Carl Linnaeus

Factsheet – Carl Linnaeus

Name: Carl Linnaeus Field of science: Natural science Born: 23rd May 1707 in the village of Råshult in southern Sweden, died 10th January, 1778 Best known for: Devising the formal two-part naming system we use to classify all life forms i.e. animals and plants. It’s called the Linnaean or binomial taxonomy system. Anything else? Systema […]

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