Coming Soon…. Dear Vampa
January 17, 2012

“Dear Vampa” by Ross Collins

We’re very excited to have comedian/musician/actor Bill Bailey reading the script for our new Living Picture Book.   Prepare to shiver and shake (with laughter) at the funny things that happen when The Pire family are cursed with new neighbours.  Things were just fine on Nostfer Avenue until the Wolfsons arrived.  They stay up all day long, lock their windows at night and bathe – in sunshine.  What’s a nice vampire family to do?   This is the perfect tale for children interested in fantasy action that isn’t TOO scary.  Put your name down on the waiting list now (if you dare!)

There are lots of scary things out there. Ghost, Werewolves or Vampires? Which do you think Bill Bailey favours? Listen and find out…..

Audio MP3

Were you correct?


Another very generous person giving his time and talents to Living Paintings. Looking forward to hearing all of it.

Angela Harvey 10:30 am February 5, 2012

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