“Each time I return an album it is like parting with a treasured friend” Jennifer, Library Member, Bristol 01635 299 771 info@livingpaintings.org

Why we need your help


Liam joined our library aged 6. Our books have enabled him to learn to read, encouraged him to broaden his horizons, write and publish poetry and achieve A and A* grades in his GCSEs and A levels. Liam is off to study French and German at university – we couldn’t be more proud!

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Why we need your help

We receive no guaranteed government funding. We’re totally dependent on voluntary support from individuals, businesses and grant making trusts, whether it is in the form of donations of time or money. It all makes a real difference to our work.

It is a core principle of Living Paintings that all of our services are provided completely free of charge to all blind and partially sighted people in the UK and Eire. This means that there are no barriers, particularly financial, to those in need being able to benefit.

Working on an annual budget of about £370,000 and with an amazing team of 280 volunteers our work currently benefits around 10,000 people, a number that grows each week.

Not only do we want to continue to provide our library members with a completely free service and develop new Touch to See books for them to explore, but we also want to be able to reach the thousands of blind and partially sighted people in the country who are as yet unaware of our service.

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