Marc Riley’s favourite places for music
November 19, 2015

King bee records shop front

We’re lucky in Manchester coz we have lots of great record shops. For older records I go to KING BEE in Chortlon. The guys who work in there are friends of mine and Les (who owns the shop) is a Manchester City supporter like me – so it seems only right to give him my custom. They have vinyl, CDs, DVD, books….all 2nd hand… great shop.

PICCADILLY RECORDS  is a brilliant shop for new music or old cool records re-released on vinyl. I know the people who work there too. All music mad..all dead keen to help.

For gigs I would probably have to say The Deaf Institute is my favourite. There was a bit of trouble when it opened as a music venue because of the name. People thought calling a music venue The Deaf Insitute was distasteful, but the building actually was used as a school for the deaf up until  the 70’s (I think). It has its full name carved  into the stonework above the door. The music hall holds about 270 people and has a Mirror Ball hanging from the ceiling. I’ve seen some of my favourite bands there. Field Music, Metronomy, These New Puritans, Ty Segal. Great  venue.

Being a David Bowie acolyte I find myself going to BOWIENET more than any other website. Though, whilst researching the records for my show, I often have to  go to  websites to  get info on the bands. Record release dates…tour dates etc.

As for Radio… ha…well it has to be 6 Music doesn’t it!  We have some of my favourite broadcasters on there. Jarvis Cocker, Gideon Coe, Cerys Matthews, Guy Garvey… they play off-kilter music that they  genuinely love. That to me is the secret of great music radio. When someone plays something because they want to share  it with you…not because they’re told to. I was on Radio 1 for a  long time and for stretches of that stay I was on a programme where we had to play terrible music sometimes.

Photo of King Bee Records taken from King Bee Website.


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