Family Cooking Challenge
September 12, 2014


Have you ever watched the Channel 4 programme Come Dine with Me and wanted to try it out yourself?

Well here at Living Paintings we have put together a fun activity for your friends and family to enjoy!

The game will last one night a week for 4 weeks. So for example every friday night!

You can take part individually or as a team depending on how many of you are participating.

family cooking challenge

The Rules:

1. Select a fun theme you want to base your food, dress code and night around e.g. Mexican, Best of British and so on…

2. You will have to plan your menu, shop for it (maybe set a budget for each meal night) and rustle up a starter, main and dessert.

3.  After dinner you will have to choose a fun activity to entertain your fellow game players, so make sure it is something really fun!

4. At the end of the evening the other three teams will score you out of 10 and put your scores into a box with your name on it.

Repeat this each week for a month and at the last meal open the score boxes to see who has won.

It is up to you on deciding what the prize will be! Maybe mum will let you off chores for a week or walking the dog!

Send us your photos and we will write a guest blog about the winning meal!


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