Lucie Steel
September 29, 2014

Lucie Steel

Hi Lucie here,

I grew up in the North of Scotland on a remote hill sheep farm. We grew all our own vegetables and every meal was made from scratch. I had my first ever Chinese takeaway aged 18yrs in Edinburgh when I went there for college!

So, baking and cooking was an integral part of growing up. My sisters and I can shear sheep, milk cows, drive tractors and cook up a storm!


Lucie baking



Years later …… And I now have a shipping container in my garden that houses my micro bakery.

I bake bread commercially three days a week, teach one day a week and sell at local community markets every other weekend. This all works round family and school runs!

Lucies shipping container


My bread baking adventures started with a course with Jane Mason at Virtuous Bread and from then on I was hooked. See Bread Angels and for more information, recipes and bread baking videos.

Real bread has four basic ingredients, flour, water, yeast and salt. Once you have mastered a basic white loaf and a basic whole wheat loaf then from there you can progress onto all sorts of breads.




When it comes to making great bread the big thing to remember is that WATER is The KEY ingredient! Don’t be afraid to have a good sticky dough when you first mix your ingredients together. People often make their doughs too dry and end up with a dense heavy loaf.

Never add extra flour but you can always add extra water and you can do this at any stage during the mixing or kneading process.


Lucie’s Recipe



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