Red and Yellow Tomatoes
October 23, 2014

There really is nothing quite like the taste of a just picked, sun warmed home grown tomato.

Of all the vegetables (although strictly speaking they are fruit) that I grow tomatoes are the fiddliest, but well worth the effort.

Seeds are sown in small pots at home during April and put on the window sill to germinate and start growing. In early June I take them to my allotment to harden off for several days before planting out.

I eagerly watch them grow, flower and fruit. Given plenty of sunny, warm weather they’re usually ready to start picking during August. I keep my fingers crossed as there is always the likelihood of late blight striking, which happens quickly and there is then nothing that can be done except to pick any unaffected fruit and dispose of the plants.

I generally only grow six plants – the small sized, red Gardener’s Delight and a yellow variety Golden Sunrise.


Mike Rogers tomatos

This year the fruit took a long time to ripen and didn’t start doing so until early September, but I ended up with more than enough to enjoy. I hope that they do as well again next year.

Mike Rogers, friend and supporter.


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