Football Chairman by Nathan Edge
December 9, 2014

Nathan Edge

Hi Nathan here…

When I lost my sight earlier this year, many aspects of my life and personality were just taken away, playing football games was one of my passions, it played a part in every day of my life and it came a part of my personality, then after losing my sight completely it felt as if the referee had shown me the killer red card and my suspension would be infinite.

No longer could I play FIFA on the xbox or put my virtual managerial skills to the test on football manager for the PC or handheld versions for smart phones. I spent many months in frustration, knowing how no football games were accessible despite the fact that games like football manager which are text based could very easily be accessible if programmed correctly.

Then I found Football Chairman! Okay, maybe it’s not as advanced as Football Manager or similar games out there but Football Chairman has certainly brought back some of that passion I once lost.

The game is fully accessible for blind users and has a very easy to use interface and in fact, it poses a whole new challenge as you’re in the role of a chairman rather than a manager or player. The good news doesn’t just stop there! As the game is rising in popularity, future updates are on their way with a bunch of additional features and enhanced career mode.

You can try Football Chairman Lite free! For more information, please visit:

Football chairman logo

Image taken from the football chairman website


Game description:

Build your own football empire!

Create a football club from scratch, starting as a tiny non-league team, and see if you can make it through seven divisions to the very top.

See your players win play-offs, cup competitions and eventually conquer Europe!

Hire and fire managers, develop your stadium, negotiate transfers, contracts and sponsorship deals… while keeping both the fans and the bank manager happy.

After the massive success of Football Chairman Lite, this new game includes a whole host of improved features, including:

– Cup competitions

– Play offs

– European tournaments

– Manager/fan interaction

– Transfer-list unwanted players

– Loan deals

– View available managers before sacking your old one

– Set ticket prices

– Set price and quality of food and drink

– Negotiate shirt sponsorship deals

– Build a 120,000-capacity ‘super stadium’

– 35 in-game achievements to aim for

– Redesigned interface and usability improvements

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