Create a simple sock puppet
March 2, 2015

Sock Puppet 

Get creative with this simple sock puppet guide. Start by thinking of the characters you would like to create and the materials you will need to suit each one.

For example you may want to create a snake sock puppet, so you will have to get some buttons for the eyes and material for the snake’s tongue and teeth.

sock puppet snake

What you need:

One nice thick sock

Craft glue

2 x buttons

Some wool (brown, black, yellow for hair)



Pom poms


Put the sock on your hand so that your fingers are in the toe and your thumb is in the heel.

Test out making the puppet talk and take note of where its eyes will be.

Use the glue to stick on the two buttons for eyes. You can also buy stick on eyes from craft shops such as Hobbycraft.

Cut the wool to size for the sort of hair-do you want. Gather it together in the middle and wind a piece of wool around to keep it all together. Glue the hair in place or fix it more securely with needle and thread. You can also experiment with different hairstyles, such as ponytails and plaits.

You can also create body parts for your character, using felt cut into shapes or adding feathers and pom poms.

Practice talking with your sock puppet and then write a very simple script. Think about whether you want it to be dramatic, funny or thought-provoking. After a few rehearsals you’ll be ready to put on a show!

You can find some sock puppet ideas and inspiration on Pinterest

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