Brilliant dinosaur movies
March 22, 2016

Here are our top 3 recommends for must-watch films about dinosaurs.

Our first pick is the Disney film Dinosaur.  This animated film tells the story of an Iguanadon called Aladar who is raised by a family of lemurs. When a meteor hits, their green world is turned into desert and they must travel in search of food and a new home. With a pack of hungry carnivores on their trail there are tense times ahead.

The first and still the best  – Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg centres on a fictional island where a rich man has paid genetic scientists to create a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs. Full of wonderful computer-animated dinosaurs with a thrilling adventure plot, it’s well worth watching.

Last, but not least, is Walking with Dinosaurs by Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook.  This family film also uses computer-generated dinosaurs but puts them in a live-action setting and has them voiced by actors.

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