Louis road tests David Walliams’ The Slightly Annoying Elephant
April 29, 2015

slightly annoying elephant book cover

An important stage in adapting a picture book into Touch to See is testing it with a visually impaired person. Louis is one of our young library members who kindly reads the book in its proof stage and gives us feedback on the feely pictures and the audio descriptions. The photo below shows him “road-testing” The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams (the feely pictures will be painted in the finished version).

Louis testing Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams

Louis absolutely loved the book! He said that “the feely pictures were high quality, great and easy to follow” and he “loved the humour in the script”.

As a David Walliams’ fan Louis decided to write to him asking if he’d record the audio description for us. He told David that he has been blind since he was 18 months old and “it was because of this that my family discovered Living Paintings and liked what they were doing. As long as I can remember we’ve been getting Living Paintings books”. He told David that the script “would sound perfect with you reading it as only you know how to make it sound as it should”.  As you can tell it was a very persuasive letter!

The brilliant news is that David said YES! We had a fantastic recording session and we are looking forward to the finished book being on our library shelves very soon.

David Walliams in studio

To reserve a copy of The Slightly Annoying Elephant visit our online library.

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