Bringing the illustrations to life
December 2, 2010

Mole’s Sunrise: bringing the illustrations to life

One of the great things that make our Living Picture Books unique are the tactile pictures which depict the illustrations in the picture book. These feely pictures are the special tactile images that bring the illustrations to life for blind and partially sighted children to feel.

For each picture book that we adapt we choose three characters and scenes to create as raised images. We endeavour to create the feely pictures so that they have the atmosphere of the original illustrations and so that the children can enjoy engaging with the illustrator’s style.

For Mole’s Sunrise, first Candice and I looked at the illustrations and read the story many times. We discussed which illustrations would make good feely pictures, what they would feel like, and carving techniques that could be used to create tactile effects such as fur and whiskers. After sketching out a few ideas we made the final decision and choose the 3 feely pictures that reflected the path of the story, depicted the main characters and of course showed the sunrise!

Candice then drew up the chosen characters and scenes as simple line drawings. Here are the line drawings we have created for Mole’s Sunrise alongside the illustrations in the book that inspired them.


Vole and Mole surrounded by bluebells


Mole’s home with the crescent moon


Mole with his woodland friends and the sunrise

The line drawings will now be sent to the sculptor, Peter Boex, so that he can carve the feely pictures.
By Liz Davies, Production Manager

Next week – learn about how the raised images are made by sculptor Peter Boex.

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