5 of the best movies about the world of movies!
August 10, 2016

There are some great movies about the movies! Here are our Top 5 favourites:


Sunset Boulevard

One of the greatest films ever made about life inside Hollywood. This sad, sordid tale features a great silent movie star, Norma Desmond, who can’t cope with the fact that her time is past and the public no longer want her. It features the classic line:  “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up” and is really worth watching.

The Player

This satire is full of film references and Hollywood insider jokes. It also features cameo appearances by no less than 60 Hollywood celebrities. The plot revolves around a studio executive played by Tim Robbins who accidentally murders a screenwriter he believes was sending him death threats. The film continues with much double dealing and behind-the-scenes corruption.


Cinema Paradiso

This gentle, Italian film by Giuseppe Tornatore is about a young boy named Salvatore who develops a life-long love of films after helping out the projectionist, Alfredo, at his local movie house. After Alfredo is injured in a fire which burns down the cinema, young Salvatore steps in as the new projectionist as he’s the only person who knows how to operate the machines. A beautifully told story which perfectly captures the way movies can move and inspire you.

Ed Wood

This comedy-drama biopic is directed and produced by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp as cult filmmaker Ed Wood.  It looks at the world of filmmaking through the experiences of a struggling director in the 1950s, trying to secure funding and remain true to his beliefs. It includes his relationship with star of horror films, Bela Lugosi, and boasts names such as Bill Murray in the supporting cast. Well worth catching.



This 2011 film by Martin Scorsese is visually stunning and inventive. It’s about a young boy called Hugo whose father has died, leaving him living alone in a railway station in Paris and looking after its many clocks. His treasured possession is an automaton, left to him by his father. Through the course of the film Hugo discovers that it belongs to a stallholder in the station who is actually the acclaimed silent film director, Georges Méliès. He has fallen into obscurity and is bitter and disillusioned. The film contains real footage of Méliès many fantasy adventure films, including Le Voyage Dans la Lune which is included in our film book, Light! Camera! Action!

For clips and trailers of these films search their titles in Google or YouTube. You could also rent or buy these films on DVD and Blu-ray. You may find that some come with audio description – it’s usually an option in the set-up before you ‘play’ the main feature film.

Check out your local cinema for new releases on a film theme. Some cinemas may offer audio described performances, just ask before booking your tickets.

If you want to buy the featured films and at the same time help Living Paintings then click on the picture of the film, purchase the item and a percentage of the sale will come to us.


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