Verity Smith dressage update!
May 27, 2015

Verity Smith and Kit the horse

Hi, Verity here.

I just wanted to share the good news that Kit and I won the able-bodied AM Summer Qualifier on Friday. Yeh! We had a rather wild entry as Kit took up arms against a flower pot but managed to score several 8s that balanced the score sheet, thank heavens!

Verity Smith and Kit the horse close up

We also won the AM Summer Qualifier on Sunday but sadly my groom forgot to take off the horse’s boots before entering the arena so we were eliminated. I nearly did an Alan Sugar ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ but instead I gave her a hug and said that mistakes happen.

Verity Smith and Kit the horse and team

More exciting news. Horse and Hound magazine called the day after, as apparently the guy who owns the competition ground called them and said they had to chat to me as I was a complete ‘showstopper’! I think it was the entry at a gallop, sideways, that did it!

Verity is a supporter of Living Paintings and a regular contributor to our blogs on healthy living.  She is currently training and competing to win a place in Team GB for the Paralympics in Rio 2016.

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