Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter chats about Safety Last, Chaplin and the early motion picture industry
May 22, 2015

Harold Lloyd is one of the greatest silent film actors (ever). Lloyd was the first film comedian to portray an “everyman” character – a boy-next-door type who just wanted to better himself.  His characters could experience the humour in everyday life and enjoy a little romance.  It was the beginning of romantic comedy – so-called “rom-com” – in films.

Lloyd probably became most famous for his amazing stunt work, which had him climbing up buildings and balancing precariously on ledges, such as in Safety Last. The climb sequence still gets a round of applause from audiences today for its daring virtuosity mixed with comedy – he is forced to dangle from the hands of the clock because someone opens a window and knocks him off the building.

Suzanne Lloyd, Harold’s granddaughter, is passionate about sharing his legacy of films. Listen to Suzanne share some special insights into Harold’s career:

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