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August 10, 2015

Want to get your sweat on, blood pumping and those feel-good hormones jumping? If you’re finding it difficult to peel yourself off the sofa, here’s our quick round-up of sports to try out. To get you inspired we’ve peppered the list with some motivational audio from pro-athletes.

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There’s plenty of sports to choose from when it comes to track and field. If you want to join in then check out the British Athletics website and the British Blind Sport website. For the inside-track listen to sports presenter Clare Balding chat to paralympic wheelchair athlete Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson:


AILEEN MCGLYNN Living Paintings

If getting on a bike might not be an obvious choice, listen to Aileen McGlynn, visually impaired cyclist, and take inspiration from her medal winning career. If Aileen gives you a taste for two wheels then visit the British Cycling website to find out more.


Paralympic Equestrian Verity Smith lends her voice and also guest-blogs for us.

To find out about opportunities in your area visit the British Equestrian Federation website. Want to discover more about this sport? We have a tactile picture and audio guide all about it in in our Olympics and Paralympics book.


If you’ve not borrowed our Touch to See book Football, all the glory of the game then why not? It’s the perfect footy tactile and audio guide, packed with star players, pro-tips, facts and stats.

Football Touch to See book for blind teenagers

Listen to John McDougal, England VI football player, chat about his experiences and give advice:

If you want to get involved visit the British Blind Sport website, or the RNC’s webpage on blind football.


Pro-athlete Georgie Bullen features in our tactile picture of Goalball in mid-play. To find out how you can get involved visit the Goalball UK website. Be warned this sport is fast and furious…and loads of fun! Listen to Georgie’s exclusive chat with us about the high octane sport:


Melissa Reid paratrialthlon

Now this will test your endurance and stamina in not one, but three disciplines! For that ‘you can do it’ feeling check out Team GB’s Melissa Reid. If you want to try this sport out then visit the British Triathlon website for more information.

To get the latest on the Paralympics Team GB visit the British Paralympic Association website.

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