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February 26, 2016

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Hi, Maria here and I might be here quite a while, telling you all the reasons why you should become a Book Club member. The benefits are endless. Let me quote what someone said to me just the other day:

“Our Club is a place where everyone comes together with a mutual interest, where we feel free to talk about our sight loss. Our Club is not just a place that serves us coffee and tea it is a place where we get mutual support, develop long term friendships and find out about equipment and services available to every one of us.”

Recently a Club leader also said to me that their most isolated members look forward to attending their next session with real anticipation and longing. He mentioned that although some of the people who attend the Club are from large families they are still very isolated and don’t socialise and get out of their home for days until they attend the Club. It is hard to understand when you are a busy person working full time and not being dependent on others, but I can imagine that a Club of any type can bring a sense of belonging, a place to share experiences and memories, and seek new interests.


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Our Touch to See Book Club titles are a catalyst to create a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment which helps people to grow in confidence, have a sense of belonging and feel secure.

Our titles also spur blind and visually impaired people on to do many things, such as create wonderful works of art, have stimulating discussions, identify shared interests and stir memories. They also inspire people to visit galleries, museums and local art displays.

Recently a member said to me:

“I remember listening to Amazing Music, Brilliant Colours and learning about Abstract Art. In this book we heard about The Snail collage by Henry Matisse (tactile image below). When I recently visited the Cortauld Gallery in London I came across the work of art. I was instantly drawn to it. It seemed so familiar and yet I had never seen it in real life before. It was wonderful.”

The Snail tactile picture from Living Paintings Touch to See library

I never tire of hearing all your stories. Only today I got a lovely email from an incredibly inspirational lady who does a huge amount of work in her local community in Kent. She ended her email with the words “now I am rambling on…” You can imagine I was only too quick to respond with “the more rambling you do the better! It is wonderful to hear all your achievements and what a difference you are making to people’s lives.”

If you would like to share your story, I would be delighted to hear it. After all, your stories, experiences and “rambling” give us vital feedback for us to update our generous funders. This in turn helps us to continue providing lovely and inspiring books. So please keep them coming!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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