Football update by Danni Curtis
January 12, 2016

Hi, Danni here.

Jose Marino

We are now about halfway through the football season and many of us are on tenterhooks about the mixed fortunes of our teams. I’m sure Chelsea fans were devastated by the loss of Manager Jose Mourinho and also their team’s drop within a whisker of the relegation zone. Man United haven’t done much better under Gall – so what is going on?

I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised as football is such an unpredictable game and fortunes can change dramatically from week to week. I’m happy to see Arsenal at the top of the premiership at the moment but that could change in the weeks to come.

 Brian McDermot

My home team, Reading, has undergone a change of Manager. Brian McDermott is back in charge. Brian took us into the premiership a few years ago. So come on, Brian, let’s get back there again!

Let’s continue to give our teams our full support, whatever their fortunes, as our support and encouragement can make a big difference to the team’s performance.

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