Three exciting new titles for Book Clubs
January 28, 2016

Hi, Maria here.

Would your Club like to hear more about world faiths, the night sky and reminisce about life in the 1950s? We’ve got just the books for you – Culture Mix, The Night Sky and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.

We thought long and hard about which subjects to cover in these new books and we chose ones that will inspire members, prompt discussion, help them to reminisce and reflect on life stories.

Culture Mix contains two objects from A History of the World in 100 Objects, which was masterminded by Neil McGregor, formerly of the British Museum, in collaboration with the BBC.  It really is wonderful.

The Night Sky is a hot topic at the moment, with Tim Peake on the International Space Station. It blows the mind. Apparently they could see the massive snow storm that hit New York. I think lucky Tim is living his dream!

I personally love to hear about life in the fifties, so I love our third book, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Years. I think things must have been so much simpler then and very colourful, even the cars! I was lucky enough to visit Cuba last year – it’s a country which feels as if it’s still in the 1950s and quite extraordinary.

Here are some more details about each book to whet your appetite:

Milky Way tactile image

The Night Sky is a taster of the science and wonder of studying the stars with the BBC’s Sky at Night presenters, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Dr Chris Lintott.  It contains raised images  of The Milky Way (see above) and the iconic photograph of the birth of stars in the Eagle Nebula known as The Pillars of Creation. There are lots of activities which can be inspired by this book – from re-creating constellations to discussions led by local astronomers.

Culture mix

Culture Mix is a vibrant taste of the cultural mix of Asia – from the serene mysticism of the Buddhist religion in Pakistan to the spellbinding storytelling tradition of Javanese Theatre of Shadows. This book includes two raised images, the  Seated Buddha and the Shadow Puppet of Bima (see above). You’ll find out how the spiritual leader came to be represented by the familiar seated figure and the tolerant mix of faiths that surround the Javanese storytelling tradition. It’s full of fascinating facts and highly recommended for history-lovers.

Elvis Presley tactile image

Things get more lively in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Years. Re-live the 1950s through music, fashion and film. This is a nostalgic treat which evokes the exuberance of the decade through lively words, rocking music and fashion-themed images of cultural icons Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly and Elvis Presley. Why not listen to the book and then have a session playing people’s favourite smash hits from the 50s – dancing optional!

Reserve your books today by ringing the office on 01635 299771 or visiting the online library.

Next time I write my blog it will be February. Stay warm!

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