A Summer Memory Box
July 6, 2017

Keep your memories of summer holidays fresh in your mind by creating a tactile memory box. Perfect for the young and young at heart, this is a really simple activity that’s great for encouraging creative thinking and family interaction.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps.

Memory box


Collect small objects that will last well and that will instantly remind you of your holiday. Try and think about collecting different shapes and textures, and maybe even some things that have a distinctive smell – but remember that you can’t keep anything may rot! What you collect will depend on where you go, but here are some ideas

– Sea shells come in all shapes and sizes, so try to find a selection of distinctive shapes like a spiral, a cone and an oval

– Postcards are easy to find anywhere you go and you can even look out for a theme, like funny postcards or ones with a place name on them

– Pebbles and beach glass that have been worn into interesting shapes by the sea are lovely to hold

– Feathers, nuts, pine cones and other natural treasures can be found on a walk in the countryside

– Leaflets and brochures from places you visit can be used for their pictures or you might prefer to keep them as they are

You’ll think of lots of other ideas, but remember everything will have to fit into your box and you should aim to find things that are free or don’t cost much money.

Make your box

First, find a suitable box to use. An old shoe box would be ideal, but any box with a lid will work.

Next, cover it with paper or paint it to make it personal to you. You could use textured paper (try some old wallpaper or get some special paper from craft shops) or glitter-filled paint.

Now comes the really fun part! Once it is completely covered and dry, you can decorate your box any way you like. You could cut out pictures from magazines or use holiday photos and stick these all over your box. Or make a pattern by sticking down some of the smaller objects you’ve collected, such as shells or seeds.

Fill your box

The final step is to store your collected items in your box. To remind you of places, events or people, why not write or braille labels? Also, to make sure your treasures don’t get damaged, carefully wrap anything fragile in tissue paper or put it in a very small box. Think of the fun you’ll have unwrapping them one by one, working out what each one is and when and where you found it!

If you make your own memory box don’t forget to tweet us a picture @livingpaintings or email us at victoriac@livingpaintings.org.uk

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