Fossil Hunters in Scotland
July 12, 2016

Calling all budding palaeontologists! If you’ve been inspired by our Young Explorers titles Dinosaurs Roar, you may be interested in this great new exhibition.

The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh has an exciting FREE exhibition that will be open until the middle of August. Fossil Hunters: Unearthing the Mystery of Life on Land explores how life moved from water to land 360 to 345 million years ago. It features ground-breaking discoveries made in Scotland that have provided tantalising clues about why and how vertebrates first stepped out of the water. You will also meet the people who uncovered these remarkable finds, discover the scientific techniques used to extract and identify them, and glimpse what life was like before the dinosaurs.

The museum provides information about accessibility here and don’t forget to visit the T Rex in the Natural World galleries! If you can’t get to the museum, there’s a lot of information to check out on their website.

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