Running a Raffle
September 8, 2016

I was fortunate to visit a Macular Group yesterday that meets in West Wiltshire and I must say the raffle was amazing. I have never seen so many prizes and such good prizes too!  I thought I’d pass on some top tips, as running a regular raffle can be a really good way of raising funds for your group.

raffle prizes

A simple, small raffle is easy to organise. It doesn’t need to be registered as long as the tickets are sold on the day, each ticket costs no more than £1 and none of the prizes consists of money (although you can actually include gift cards). Most importantly, all the proceeds must go back to the Club or donated to charity.

Sourcing raffle prizes should be easy. I know that the majority of the time Club members bring in prizes themselves. Some Clubs are lucky enough to get vouchers from a local shop, although larger prizes such as this tend to be donated during the Christmas period. Contacting restaurants and local businesses before the Christmas period is a good idea. My advice would be to start early and think about asking for prizes well in advance although you will need to make sure you have space to store all the prizes. And make sure it’s a safe place! Many years ago I was lucky to own and love a Springer spaniel called Bramble, who once found my raffle prizes tucked away in the corner of my sitting room behind the sofa. She was always very inquisitive! Needless to say I was down one bag of biscuits by the time we held the raffle. From then on I had to find a safer place to store my raffle prizes!

Well, the Macular Group members were very lucky yesterday. Although I think they were actually finding it difficult to pick a prize as there were so many fabulous things.



If your Club runs a raffle we would love to know about it and, if everyone is happy to share, to see your photos! Just email me at

If you are stuck for ideas for fundraising you can also give the Living Paintings Fundraising Team a call, who will be happy to help, on 01635 299771.

Enjoy the warm weather we are having. What do they call it – an Indian Summer? We can only hope and dream that it will be.

Till next time….


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