Book of the week: Hugless Douglas And The Great Cake Bake
October 2, 2017

Hoorah! It’s #NationalCakeWeek! What’s better than a week dedicated to cake? One, also dedicated to a book about cakes, of course.

This week’s #bookoftheweek is ‘Hugless Douglas And The Great Cake Bake’ by David Melling. A hilarious and heart-warming story, this book features the lovable Douglas and his sheep friends getting covered in sticky honey and chomping their way through a delicious homemade cake! Voiced by comedian Alan Davies, our tactile, audio-guided version of the book features three full-colour ‘feely’ pictures and cool sound effects!

A tactile picture of Hugless Douglass stirring cake mix in a bowl

‘Hugless Douglas And The Great Cake Bake’ is available for blind and partially sighted children in braille grade 1 and 2. Order your copy for free by calling us on 01635 299771 or head to our online library.

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