Master of the Flag Quiz
July 4, 2011


Would you like to ride on a magic carpet around the world? All aboard ….this book travels around the world and visits ten different countries to find out about their flags. Then there is a tour of the United Kingdom to find out about the flags of Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland and then a big picture of the Union flag for you to feel.

The audio soundtrack guides the fingers over each flag, and talks about the geography, history and culture of each country. After each thermoform description is the Flag Quiz. Hosted by Billy Quiz, it’s designed to stimulate enjoyment in learning and be a fun activity.


This book is designed for young people studying Key Stage 2, 7 – 11 years of age. However, it may be of interest to different ages as well. The book aims to give blind and partially-sighted children access to a selection of flags around the world and is a fun leisure activity as well as supporting subjects across the National Curriculum.

Join the flag quiz fun…here are a few questions that appear in the pack.
Can you answer any of them?

Audio MP3
Audio MP3

When a Flag is flying, what is the name for the pole?

Audio MP3

What is the name of the black and white animal that lives in the bamboo forest in China?

Audio MP3

In which country is Mount Fuji?

Audio MP3

Which country is home of the ancient Aztec civilization?

Audio MP3

What is the charge on the Welsh flag?

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