More Pants from Living Paintings!
December 3, 2012

New to our library – a hilarious book for young children
MORE PANTS by Giles Andreae
illustrated by Nick Sharratt
Borrow a copy today!

More Pants – inside the book

This very funny book for children aged 3 – 5 years will have them laughing out loud at all the different types of pants dreamed up by the author and brilliantly drawn by the illustrator.  There’s a giggling hippo in big, fluffy pink pants; a stomping dinosaur in spiky ones and a dog who wishes his pants weren’t quite so itchy!  There’s also a little girl who’s rather embarrassed…’ll have to borrow the book to find out why!

More Pants has a lively audio soundtrack and four colourful “feely” pictures giving you lots of characters from the story to explore.

The bold, humorous illustrations are perfect for younger children and they are fully described on the soundtrack.

If your child loves funny books, such as The Queen’s Knickers,  then this is the perfect book for you.  To reserve a copy simply click here and we’ll pack up some pants for you today!

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