A boy shares a story with his blind sister in the hope of being awarded a Blue Peter badge
September 11, 2015

Kali and Tayen

Hi Kali here,

I am Tayen’s mum and I am also an Living Paintings Ambassador.

My three boys have been wanting to write to Blue Peter for quite some time in the hopes of gaining the much recognisable Blue Peter badge! Finally we had an afternoon to sit so they could put pen to paper.

Blue Peter Badge


They all quickly chose their topics, Lucus didn’t even have to think about his topic. He quickly started writing about his blind sister, Tayen, and how he helps with her reading by using the Living Paintings’ Touch to See  books with her. Matthew wrote about his new found love of Karate, how it’s helping him with his Dyspraxia and how one day he would love to be able to teach others, and Connor wrote all about nature and his bug hotel he made at school.

letter to Blue Peter

Lucus does read a lot to his sister. She will seek him out, ask (well shout at him!) for a specific book from the ‘magic box’! The moment they share is almost indescribable. He speaks slowly and clearly as he guides her hand across the raised images, even though she tells him she can do it herself! This never puts him off, he just continues to read and answer her many questions. All three boys read with her – yes we have books everywhere! And it’s all been because of a box of books that arrived at my door one day from Living Paintings. Amazing!

Tayen and her brother

All three letters were beautifully written and included photographs. I’m so proud of these boys, firstly for wanting to write about a topic that inspires them but also for the considerate young men they are turning into.

I wrote a covering letter to Blue Peter telling them just how much these boys deserve a badge – not just for their writing but for their constant support of their sister and their fundraising efforts too. I truly hope they all receive a Blue Peter badge.


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