A step by step illustration by David Melling
August 7, 2015

Hi David here.  I thought it would be interesting to show you how I do my Hugless Douglas illustrations.

First, I sketch the idea in pencil.

Step 1

Next, I trace the drawing onto watercolour paper using a light box.

Step 2

Then I go over the line with black waterproof ink.

Step 3

When I paint I choose one area at a time, wet that area first then, while still wet I add watercolour. This technique is called ‘wet in wet.’

Step 4

I make sure each painted area is dry before I move onto the next part.

Step 5

Finally, I add little details with coloured pencils.

Step 6

Of course, I add a title, sign and date. This paintings took me about 2 hours.

Step 7Audio description:

David is our Wigwam author-in-residence and a great friend of Living Paintings.

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