Beautiful space-inspired fashions
June 15, 2015

Photo of Valentino cape

The pre-fall collection by Valentino features stunning, space-inspired dresses, skirts and capes. The dark blue-black pieces have a kitsch 70s feel but are brought up to date by the bold graphic motifs of gold and silver stars and moons. The design house, which is known for its intricate beading and embroidery, has even added constellations to shoulder bags and knee-length boots.

Photo of Valentino boots and bag

My particular favourite is the stunning evening gown shown below. The classic shape is made dazzling by the addition of a galaxy of stars and planets. Simple yet stunning.

Photo of Valentino dress

All the photos are taken from the Valentino website.  These beautiful designs are sure to lead to a flurry of high street copies hitting stores this autumn.  In the meantime, get your space vibe by slipping on these cool, silver sandals from Office.

Photo of silver sandal from OfficeDon’t forget to borrow our “out of this world” book on space, Ka-Boom: a guide to the universe, for masses of facts about stars, constellations, space travel, the solar system, space objects and much more.


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