Jennifer’s Story: loss of sight does not stop a love of art and the outdoors
November 19, 2013

Here is a photo of library member Jennifer on a nature ramble

“When I lost my sight eighteen years ago I thought any interest in art was at an end.
As my husband and I often visited art galleries both in this country and
abroad I knew he would miss this as much as I did. A friend told me about Living Paintings and from that time instead of my interest in art disappearing it has gone on to develop into a far greater interest than I enjoyed when I was fully sighted.

While my husband was alive we continued to visit galleries and museums in this country. Of course at home we were able to enjoy the Touch to See books from Living Paintings together.

It was through discovering works of art, brought to life for me by the Touch to See books, that I decided to learn more, and for two years attended an art history course at Filton College, Bristol. So thanks to Living Paintings my love and slight knowledge of art has increased at a time when I thought it could no longer hold any interest for me.

Over the years I have been enjoying the Living Paintings tactile books, I have learnt so much, not only about art, but about history, music, birds, buildings and flowers. Living Paintings have added a new and fulfilling interest to so many pleasures I still enjoy in my life.

Rambles are enriched by birdsong and wild flowers, and National Trust visits by exploring buildings in some of the Tactile books.

In the early days when I was struggling to come to terms with sight loss, you opened doors to me that I thought were closed to me for ever. Since the death of my husband I have been able to lose myself in discovering beauty in great works of art, buildings and the countryside.

It was a brilliant idea of Alison Oldland to think of a way to bring art into the lives of visually impaired people and must have brought joy into the lives of many who like me thought art was not for them.
My thanks to you all for you’re the vital work you are doing”.

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