Blind people can explore British identity with contemporary artist Grayson Perry
October 24, 2014

Hi, Liz here with an arty update…yey!

Blind people can explore British identity with Grayson Perry in our tactile & audio Contemporary Art Book book, which is coming soon to our free online and postal library. Cool huh.

In this book we’ve included a tactile picture (picture of clay version below) of Grayson Perry wearing ‘Coming Out Dress’, along with an insightful audio guide.

Tactile Picture of Grayson Perry

Visit Grayson Perry’s new exhibtion Who Are You at the National Portrait Gallery and watch the accompanying TV series on Channel 4. Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry has created new works on the theme of portraiture and British identity. The subjects are varied – there’s politician Chris Huhne, a young female-to-male transsexual, Northern Ireland Loyalist marchers and X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark. What gives this show an added vibrancy is that all the works haven’t been displayed in a separate exhibition space – but instead they’ve been hung in the Portrait Gallery‚Äôs nineteenth and twentieth century rooms on Floor 1. Genius!

Here’s the hugely popular Grayson Perry on what it’s like being a famous artist:

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