Bohemian Summer: Fashioneyesta’s Guide To Boho Style
July 2, 2015

Emily Davison blind fashion blogger in bohemian fashion wear for Living Paintings

I’m Emily Davison, writer, blogger and YouTuber who blogs about fashion, beauty and disability. I write blogs to change perceptions towards people who, like me, are blind or visually impaired and I am also Living Paintings’ Fashion Ambassador.   Today I want to talk to you all about my favourite trend this season, the boho look.

This trend is all about flowing silhouettes, beautiful prints, ethnic patterns, lace, crochet, statement jewellery like bangles and layered necklaces, a touch of the 70s with that floppy hat and, of course, not forgetting the hooped earrings.


Boho style also incorporates aspects of fashion from all over the world like Indian vibes with the Hamsa hand symbols, aspects from Africa with tribal and animal prints and some touches of old world Eastern bohemia with Buddhist symbols. It is a very eclectic trend and, within reason, anything works.

zara necklace Living Paintings

Necklace from Zara for £9.99

Boho can be found in some of the top designer brands like Valentino, who have been paying homage to the trend. If your budget doesn’t stretch to designer labels, many high street stores like Primark, New Look, H&M and Zara have elements of the trend that you can easily access. If you favour the look year in, year out like me, you can find plenty of amazing boho accessories and clothing on places like Soru, Chobo, Spell and the Gypsy, Etsy and Amanda Marcucci.

When you are styling yourself in a boho outfit the key to success is what accessories you style it with. The look can be dressed up just as much as it can be dressed down for a casual look.

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