Book of the week: Dinosaurs ROAR!
September 12, 2017

Did you know, the name dinosaur translates as ‘terrible or wondrous lizards’? Interesting, huh? If that fun fact got your attention, why not discover more about history’s most ferocious, gigantic and awe-inspiring beasts by borrowing our two Dinosaurs ROAR! books.

Step back in time with presenters Jon and Holly and experience the Triassic and Jurassic periods through audio and tactile images. Join them as they encounter carnivorous creatures, lumbering sauropods, armour-plated giants and tiny but deadly hunters. There’s also the chance to explore the pre-historic landscape, with tactile pictures of a fossil, fern and volcano. With atmospheric music and sound effects these books are a thrilling prehistoric adventure.

Click here to order the books online.

Also, why not stop by our Dinosaurs ROAR! Discovery Hub for bonus audio content, dino activities to try, fun factsheets and idea for great places to visit.

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