The brilliant Body Owner’s Guidebook!
February 24, 2017

Skeleton Collage

Our first Science Alive title is now available to borrow!  The brilliant Body Owner’s Guidebook is a fascinating guide to the human body for children aged 7 and up.  It is introduced by Dr Christian Jessen and includes tactile images of the major organs, skeleton, muscles, heart, lungs, digestion, senses and human reproduction. The audio tracks guide you around the detailed tactile pictures and provide a host of fascinating and fun facts about your incredible body. This will be an invaluable book to support classroom learning and to read at home.

Our thanks to young library members Ethan and Liam for testing this book out for us before we made the final edits. We do this with all new books to make sure they are easy for you to use and understand and thought you might like to know what Ethan and Liam told us.

Ethan really enjoyed the pack and found it very useful to support learning at school. In fact, he was learning about the digestive system when he was testing the book for us, so it was perfect timing! Ethan would recommend this book to other library members as it gives a lot of information and is easy to understand.

Liam told us he loved the ‘owner’s manual’ concept and the opportunities for relating your own body to the tactile images and audio description as you go.

Why not find out for yourself – borrow the book from our library now!

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