C is for Carnival!
September 2, 2016

In ABC UK the letter C stands for Carnival and carnival season is now in full swing! A tradition that has come to the UK from the Caribbean, street carnivals are a lively celebration of community, music and dance. Colourful processions are the centrepiece, with extraordinary and elaborate costumes very much on display. Most big cities have major carnivals during the summer and there are lots of smaller events all over the country. Why not find out if there is one taking place near you and go and join in the fun?

C is for carnival

You can get in the mood by practising the basic zouk step that goes with the strong beat of Caribbean music. Follow our simple instructions and dance along to this carnival soundtrack:

– Step forward with the right foot, then the left and then travel backwards with the right foot and then with the left

– As you step, allow your hips to swing freely to the side of the body you’re using to step forwards or backwards.

– Perform a step on each beat and follow the rhythm of the music, making sure you swing those hips!

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