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Recording the audio description for Mole’s Sunrise October 5, 2011

More about Actor Jim Broadbent reading the audio description for our Touch to See version of Mole’s Sunrise

Touch to See version for blind & partially sighted readers

Touch to See March 30, 2011

Living Paintings is proud to present the new Touch to See Icon.

Alan Davies recording Billy Monster's Daymare for Living Paintings

We Meet Alan Davies….. March 4, 2011

“….imagination and wonder are the world of children and actors, and sharing this with youngsters who have little or no sight is a great thing to do.”

Making the tactile pictures for Mole’s Sunrise January 21, 2011

Read more about how the tactile images are made……….

Writing the audio guide for Mole’s Sunrise December 16, 2010

Whilst Peter Boex, the sculptor, is busy carving the raised feely pictures, the scriptwriter is hard at work writing the audio script, which describes the illustrations on each page and the feely pictures too. Sue: I became a volunteer for Living Paintings in March 2010.  I’d actually visited the Volunteer Centre in Newbury on behalf […]

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