Mum gives our books for her blind child the thumbs up
June 1, 2015

I recently guided my 7 year old through Spot Can Count, which we both enjoyed very much! The print was big enough for Charlotte to try and link with the Braille she was feeling, and the bright colours of the book appealed to her sense of adventure. It was a good book to start with on our journey, as it had many touch orientated parts such as flip downs and pull ups.

There was Braille covering all the words behind the flaps,which really helped guide my daughter and taught her what to look for. She doesn’t understand Braille yet, so as a beginner book it really did give a feeling that the world is still there to discover through different mediums. I would recommend this book for all children, big or small, Spot is a good character to recognise across most ages, and provides familiarity.

Charlotte enjoyed it massively, despite limited vision, dyslexia and autism, so it gets a big thumbs up in our house!

The very hungry caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a much loved book, by children and adults alike, so we were really pleased to see it in the Living Library! When I received it, I was not disappointed.

There is a large touch and feel picture at the beginning of the book, of the caterpillar, which my seven year old daughter really enjoyed feeling!

The Braille added to the books consists of more words than, for example, the Spot books, which is great for more advanced Braille readers, but the book still had the finger holes for the amount the caterpillar had eaten, so there was some interaction for learners, and the beautiful surprise of a touch and feel butterfly on the back page made my daughter very happy!

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