How to make a penguin footprint Christmas card
December 7, 2017

These cute Christmas cards are super-easy to make and so much fun to do!

Please note, this can get a little messy so a large plastic sheet or playmat to keep your floors protected is a must.

You will need:

  • White A4 card
  • Black poster paint
  • Thick paintbrushes
  • Felt or foam shapes
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

Things you'll need to create a tactile penguin Christmas card on a green background


1 – Fold the white A4 card in half.Using the brush, paint a white oblong shape onto one of your child’s feet. Around that add on the black paint, making sure you cover the heel and toes!

2 – Very carefully, ask them to place their painted foot onto the card (without wobbling too much – you might need to hold their hands!) then lift their foot off the card and onto the mat.

3 – Reapply the paint if you’re making multiple cards then wipe it off with a cloth and soapy water.

4 – Paint some arms on to each of the penguin shapes on the card.

5 – Leave to dry.

6 – Cut out a piece of foam or felt, or use a triangular-shaped piece and glue on for the penguin’s beak.

7 – Glue on the googly eyes using PVA or a glue gun (parents, please do this bit).

8 – Once the glue is dry, write your festive message inside.

A penguin Christmas card: white card with a black and white child's footprint with a felt beak and googly eyes.If you make this Christmas craft, please let us know. Send us a picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email to

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