Creating the tactile pictures for Mad About Minibeasts
May 7, 2015

Peter Boex

Peter Boex is a professional artist who has been working with Living Paintings for over 20 years, carving wonderful tactile images out of wood.  The photograph above shows him working on the Pudsey image for our Teddy Bears’ Picnic book.

Recently Peter has been working on the images for our Touch to See version of Mad About Minibeasts by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz.

Mad about minibeasts

Firstly, we choose the illustrations from the book that we want to make into feely pictures.  We then turn them into simple line drawings which we send to Peter to carve.  Here is some of Peter’s work on the Mad About Minibeasts characters.

Peter Boex

Mad about Mini Beasts

Peter starts with the basic shapes of the animals.  Once the shape is right, he concentrates on the finer detail and adds texture to the bodies and wings. It’s painstaking and highly skilled work. He uses thin wire to create legs and antennae

Peter Boex

Peter Boex

We particularly love the smooth curved shell on the snail and the worm munching its way underground.  Touch to See Mad About Minibeasts is perfect for pre-school children as it has short rhymes about each minibeast and lots of suggestions for fun activities.  It will be in our free postal library this autumn.  If you’d like to reserve a copy please call us on 01635 299771.

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