David Melling at Grove House Primary
February 8, 2017

Grove House Primary School in Bradford won the Living Paintings Great Cake Bake Challenge at the end of last year. Their prize was a ‘virtual visit’ from author and illustrator David Melling, which happened last week. David talked to the children via Skype, showing them around his studio and explaining how he creates his wonderful characters, like Hugless Douglas.

Headteacher Mick Hayes challenged the children to write their own stories inspired by a picture of Hugless Douglas and the children responded magnificently.

Hugless Douglas Living Paintings

There was some great writing and a winner was chosen from each year group in the school. These winning stories have been shared with us and David Melling and we’d like to say a great big well done to these children for their amazing creative writing skills!

Hashim Shah, Year 1

Daveena Garcha, Year 2

Jack Clymo, Year 3

Humaira Shah, Year 4

Amira Moghal, Year 5

Hari Uppal, Year 6

And we’d like to share some of their work with you, so here is Jack’s story in full.

Once upon a time there was a middle aged bear called Hugless Douglas. He lived in a dark cave. Each time he went out of the cave he hugged a tree and each time he hugged a dark brown tree the other animals in the forest stuck their tongues out and he ran in his dark cave. The next day he woke up and he thought if he did something nice for the other animals they wouldn’t bully him and he would get lots and lots and lots of hugs. So he made some chicken, peas and mashed potato and he invited tiger, lion, mouse, horse, wolf and fox. When they got to his house they all ate dinner. After they ate they were nice to Hugless Douglas. Hugless Douglas wasn’t called Hugless Douglas any more. He was called Much Hugged Doug. All the animals gave Doug hugs, played games and always invited each other to tea. All the animals were so happy.

Thank you Jack – we all love a happy ending!  And thank you to everyone at Grove House Primary School for their fundraising efforts and to David Melling for so generously being our competition prize.

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