David Melling’s doodle diary double whammy!
June 30, 2015

We have two new doodle diary entries from David Melling to share with you….

David Melling doodle diary June


Doodle Diary – June 2015

This month David explains that he’s begun work on creating new characters for a picture book idea. Some characters he’s still developing  – so he’s reluctant to chat too much at this stage – but here he shows us some sneaky peeks in his doodle diary.

David’s drawn a picture of himself hard at work at his drawing board. There’s a thought bubble coming from his head and inside it could be one of his top secret characters! It’s a fox – he’s standing up, wearing a dressing gown and slippers, holding a cocktail drink! There’s also a doodle of a bird-like creature with a dustbin pulled over its head and most of its body – its eyes are peeking out of a hole in the bin. Above it is a bat with slim, pointy, outstretched wings.

David’s also been replying to some of his fan mail – mainly readers of his Goblins series. And so, standing up on the right edge of the page is a tall goblin! He has a bulbous nose, hairy beard and pointed ears. On his head he’s wearing a hat made from  the shell of a nut or tree bark. He’s got long, skinny arms and legs. Around his middle he’s wearing pants that look like they’re made from tree bark – they have a bumpy texture…hmm not so comfy! He’s wearing one old sock and David’s made a note that his feet are “a bit wiffy”.


David Melling doodle diary June

Doodle Diary Saturday June 13th

David recently travelled up to Scotland for the Borders Book Festival to chat about his new book series ‘Knight in Training’, plus he drew some monsters with suggestions from the audience.

This doodle shows David at his desk  – there’s a thought bubble above his head and in it is a round creature with three eyes, a big mouth and 1, 2, 3, 4,…11 legs! David has jotted down that this is “Bob” and he will star in “Book 6”.

Hugless Douglas also features in this doodle – giving David a big hug. It’s the costume version of Hugless that probably joined David at the festival. In the bottom right is a doodle of two characters that don’t get on – Aunt Egg is poking Uncle Archibald’s big fat tummy with her slim, pointy finger! At the bottom of the doodle is a ‘doodle bird’ and his beak has drawn a squiggly doodle too!

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