“Why I love Mole’s Sunrise” by Declan
May 15, 2014

By Declan Webster, aged 8

Declan Webster and Mole's Sunrise

I was so excited I would be getting this book at the same time as it went into the shop as children who arent blind to read. Then I was told you had used my photo of me holding the book on the site I was so thrilled.

I could feel every detail of the raised pictures in the book, from the way they were described on the cd. All the animals, vole, mole, sparrow, squirred and rabbit, the house and sunrise. I loved the feel of the bluebell flowers too. I found I could track the detail of the pictures easily of everything including the log at the end with all the animals on, because of the cd audio description. Jim broadbent is brilliant at it.

Grandma and I sat together while I read it , and she moved my hand over the pages that werent raised so I knew exactly where things were that were being described. I didnt realise there was a reason vole held hands with mole until the end of the book, where its tell you mole is blind. I then realised why vole helps so much to describe everything to mole.

Declan Webster with Mole's Sunrise tactile picture book

I read all the book in one go with my grandma from start to finish. I thought the describing on the audio cd and the brilliantly made tactile pictures and the way colours described made the book for me feel so much more real. It was a lot more exciting for children like me to have a book like this with the audio cd too. Grandma and me both talked a lot about the book and she wrote the things down that I said, so she could put them onto here for me.

Thank you everybody for making it for all us blind children.

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