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 Phil Harding in the studio

Archaeologist & Time Team presenter Phil Harding chats to us about the best places to find fossils! Listen>


T-Rex skeleton "Big Mike" at Museum of the Rockies White

Phil Harding amazes us with the story of a T-Rex discovery in the USA. Listen>


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Fact Files

NaturalHistoryMuseum_PictureLibrary_043559_IA, Stegosaurus skeleton
















Dinosaurs ROAR!

Dinosaurs ROAR!

T-Rex with a wide mouth showing all of its sharp teeth

 Bringing dinosaurs back to life for blind and partially sighted kids

Fun Stuff To Do


Joining an organised fossil hunt is a great, fun family activity. Check out the Discovering Fossils website for fascinating facts and a list of all the locations around the UK where you can join a fossil hunt!

Visit the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival. This annual event is held in May and offers fun for all the family. Enjoy walks, talks, theatre, music, comedy, exhibits and lots of hands-on science. There’s even a Fossil Fair where you can buy fossils, minerals and jewellery.

Get creative in the kitchen and bake these fantastic 3D Dinosaur Cookies!

Great Places To Visit

Visit the Natural History Museum, this is the most well-known destination for anyone seeking the dino experience. There’s a wealth of facts, figures, fossils, reconstructions and interactive displays. Plus, head to their website for The Dino Directory, the NHM’s online guide to dinosaurs with images, facts and figures for over 300 dinosaurs.

The best place to discover fossils is along the Jurassic coastline stretching across Dorset and into East Devon. It’s a World Heritage site and there are several visitor centres and museums you can visit including the Dorset County Museum.

The Isle of Wight is a rich area for fossils. The Dinosaur Isle in Sandown houses over 1,000 fossils, skeletons, life-sized dinosaur constructions and two animatronic dinosaurs. They also offer fun fossil walks to some of the oldest rocks on the island!

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