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Matt Baker

TV presenter Matt Baker describes our tactile image of a red fox. Listen>



Chris Packham

Nature TV’s Chris Packham talks about identifing bats. Listen>



A bivouac style den in a wood

Jack from the Scouts has a how-to guide for making an awesome den. Listen>


Kate Humble

Kate humble describes the badger. Listen>


Martin Hughes Games

TV presenter and wildlife expert Martin Hughes-Games describes the life cycle of a red admiral butterfly. Listen>


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Young Explorers: Forest School – On the Farm


Young Explorers: Forest School – Nature Detectives


Young Explorers: Forest School – Wild about Bushcraft


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Go Wild!

Forest den, Frances Lincoln

Inspiring outdoor adventures for blind and partially sighted children

Fun Stuff To Do

John Deere tractor

Ask your local farmer for some spare hay and use it to make collages, pictures or 3D objects like corn dollies. There’s a good set of instructions on the Eden Project website on how to make a simple corn dolly.

Even when it’s raining, the countryside is still a great place to be. Make the most of the British weather by covering up in a raincoat, hat and wellies, and have a puddle-splash contest. If you can, head to a lake, river or pond and listen out for the ducks – they love the rain!

Have a farm-inspired picnic. If the weather is fine you could find a nice spot in the countryside or a nearby park. Pack a picnic basket with hearty English food such as Cornish pasties, a ploughman’s lunch of crusty bread and cheddar cheese, rosy red English apples, sausage rolls or pork pies. Don’t forget to take your rubbish home and respect the Countryside Code.

On a coastal walk, make sure you explore the beach for empty shells. They are usually washed up in distinct lines on the sand so it’s easy to pick amongst them and collect your favourites. You may also find interesting pebbles, driftwood and seaweed. String them all together with rough twine and hang as a wind chime in front of your window.

Great Places To Visit

rock pooling

Put wellies on and explore nature reserves all over the UK which give you access to many different types of flora and fauna.

There are plenty of activities which you can take part in while you’re in the countryside, from organised rambles to rock pooling, horse-riding to sculpture trails. The Visit England website has lots of ideas for places to go and things to do, and also highlights accessible activities. You can even download their list of award-winning accessible businesses that offer fantastic tourist opportunities and experiences.

The Soil Association has hundreds of organic farms willing to welcome you for an open day or visit. New farms are joining all the time, and they have members who can show you around everything from walled vegetable gardens to remote hill farms and even vineyards.

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