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Dallas Campbell studio

TV science presenter Dallas Campbell chats about his visit to an astronaut training centre and space tech. Listen>


Photo of the International Space Station (Wikipedia)

Get to grips with the International Space Station. Listen>

There’s more! Head over to our SoundCloud playlist for Ka-Boom.


Ka-Boom: a guide to the Universe


The History of Space Exploration


If We Had a Sailboat


Roaring Rockets


The Loon on the Moon


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Ka-Boom: a guide to the Universe

Ka-Boom: a guide to the Universe for blind and partially sighted teenagers

Photo of the International Space Station (Wikipedia)

Discovering the universe through touch and sound

Fun Stuff To Do


Tune into BBC Stargazing Live and The Sky at Night

Get involved and join a local astronomy club

Build your own model of the Hubble Space telescope

Find out the best places to observe the night sky in the UK with Dark Sky Discovery

Great Places To Visit

The Peter Harrison Planetarium at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London features state-of-the-art HD projection technology, visualisations based on scientific data, real astronomers presenting, plus audio guides for blind and partially sighted visitors.

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Cheshire is full of interactive displays, where you can learn about the workings of the giant Lovell Telescope, the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world.

National Space Centre, Leicester has 150 interactive displays and the UK’s largest planetarium.

At the Science Museum, London you can find out how the space age started in 1957 with the launch of Sputnik 1, explore rockets, satellites, space probes and landers.

Spaceguard Centre, Knighton is a unique chance to find out about the work of the only UK organisation dedicated to watching our skies for Near Earth Objects.

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