We’ve run out of Spot the Dog toys, can you help?
July 11, 2018

Help! We can’t find Spot!

Parents tell us that their kids love receiving a free Spot the Dog toy when they first receive their introductory pack, Fun with Spot but we’ve only got six left and after a lot of research online, it appears no one seems to make them anymore!

If you’ve seen any Spot plush toys for sale or have any idea where we can source them from, please, please get in touch. Call Sharon on 01635 299771 or email sharonh@livingpaintings.org.

The soft Spot toy is my son’s most treasured possession. He sleeps with it and takes it everywhere. It is a symbol of the moment when the access to a Living Paintings book was a revelation to him.” Parent

Please share this post on your social media accounts to help spread the word – we might just reach the one person who can help us. #FindSpot

Spot the dog plush


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