Help us bring the visual world to life for blind and partially sighted people

“When I put her fingers on the raised image, she smiled the first meaningful smile I had seen in weeks”

Tayen’s mum, Kali 

Success Stories

Tayen paddling in the sea

What your support achieves

Library member Tayen feeling our tactile picture of The Slightly Annoying Elephant. She's wearing a pink t-shirt and smiling.


Gives a child Touch to See books throughout the summer holidays

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Susan feeling a tactile picture during a T2C book club session.


Sue can join her friends at a Touch to See Book Club for another 6 months

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Gives a child free membership for a year

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Young library member Callum smiling


Provides a school with unlimited loans for a year

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Member Louis in bed with Keeper Touch to See book

Louie has learnt to read

Louie loves our Touch to See picture books and eagerly awaits receiving our books in the post – he can hardly bear to send them back!

Bayeux Tapestry

Liam is studying at university

Our books have enabled Liam to broaden his horizons, write and publish poetry, achieve top grades and study at university.


Danni discovered what clouds look like

“When I was child the word ‘pictures’ meant absolutely nothing to me … I didn’t know what clouds were until I felt them in a Touch to See book.”


A tactile picture of Elmer and Wilbur under a starry sky

Books for blind children OUT NOW: Elmer’s Walk

The world’s most colourful character is back!

Help blind children read the new Elmer book

Donate #PoundsForPatches to make Elmer accessible to blind children in the UK

Young library member Ted sitting on the floor with his dog

Ted’s story

Our books feed Ted’s curiosity about the world


Living Paintings gets crafty at Endure24 running event

We sum up a fun weekend at Wasing Park, Berkshire

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